Statement earrings are having a moment for Spring/Summer17, something which normally would have passed me by. I haven’t worn earrings for years, as they’ve always felt too fussy and over the top with my short hair, but they’ve grabbed my attention again recently and I’ve had a serious case of FOMO. I’m not one for jumping on trends for the sake of it, I know what works for me and what doesn’t, but my style has changed since I last wore earrings so I’ve decided to give them another go circa 2017.

I must confess I’ve been pleasantly surprised, one by the fact that I didn’t need to get my ears pierced again, and two by how much I like them. I’ve already worked out I can’t do the long dangly thing and they need to finish mid-jawline. I thought wearing really fine one’s would work, but actually they need a bit of punch to them otherwise they aren’t statement enough with my short hair. I also know they’ll only work for me by wearing them with more parred back outfits  – unintentionally I’ve got a bit of an ’80’s power dressing’ thing going on in these pictures, with the monochrome blazers and slicked back hair, but I like the minimal yet statement look it creates.

I’ve purposely headed to the high-street to try out this new look, as there’s no point in investing too much in something that could be a passing phase. There are some really lovely jewellery brands which I might just be investing in, should earrings turn into my thing and based on how these one’s make me feel I reckon I’m in.

Mango embossed triangular earrings

H&M silver foil earrings (only available in-store)

H&M gold tusk clip on earrings (only available in-store)

H&M gold square earrings (only available in-store)

Jessie Harris Tall Tube Earrings | New Look Black Disc Drop Earrings |Svendsen Jewellery Liten Klo Gold Earrings | Finery Tagg Half Moon Earrings | Wolf & Moon Double Triangle Earrings | H&M Gold & White Circle Earrings

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