If you read my Crushing On: Patent Leather blog you’ll know I’ve been lusting after a pair of patent trousers for about a year now, so when I spotted one of my major style crushes wearing these H&M ones, I had to give them a whirl.

Sometimes when you’ve been lusting after something the reality doesn’t always live up to expectations and I must confess when they first arrived they all of a sudden felt at bit OTT. Let’s face, it I’m not some uber cool Scandi street-style star and truthfully, I’m not sure I’d have the confidence to pull them off.

That said, I thought I would have a go at styling them up anyway and surprisingly the longer I had them on, the more comfortable I felt in them. For me it’s all about keeping everything else minimal and you’ll notice all my looks are either all-black or monochrome (bar a dash of leopard print footwear).

So am I going to keep them? The jury’s still out as maybe some things are just best left admiring from afar? One thing’s for sure, if I do keep them I’ll definitely need to channel my best Scandi street-star vibes.

E x







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