Today was Neve’s last ever day in nursery and I must confess it’s been quite emotional. As a parent, giving care of your child over to someone else isn’t something you do lightly, but we have been incredibly blessed to have found somewhere that has become more than just a nursery to us.

The handful of women that we’ve handed Neve over to for the last four years have become our extended family. They have shared all of her special moments with us – from her first step to her first word and everything in-between. They’ve supported us in ways we never expected and have helped us through the ups and downs of being first-time parents.

The time, care and attention they’ve given Neve has helped her grow into the confident and happy little girl she is today and there’s a part of all of them in her. She has been surrounded with so much love and we couldn’t have wished for a better place for Neve to spend those first few important years of her life. As one door closes another one opens, but we will always treasure Neve’s time at this very special place.

Here’s to the weekend and to all those women out there that are helping us raise our future.

E x

How lucky I am.001

The future.001

Enjoy the little things.001


Let them be little.001



Images: via Pinterest (apart from ones of Neve, obvs)

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