One of the most common things I hear when looking through a new clients wardrobe is “I really like it, but I have nothing to wear with it”. One of my golden rules when buying something new is the ‘3 WAYS RULE’. By that I mean, can it be styled in at least three different ways?  If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that I’ve recently bought a new jumpsuit from Topshop. I knew the minute I saw it I could style it in endless ways for both causal, smart and evening wear.

So I’ve put together three looks, one for smart, casual and evening using my go-to wardrobe staples. I hope that it proves you only need a handful of key pieces (like a jumpsuit) to create multiple looks.

E x

Jumpsuit + Blouse + Ankle Boot + Belt = DAY SMART


Jumpsuit + Slogan Tee + Leather + Trainers = DAY CASUAL

Jumpsuit + Blazer + Stiletto Heel + Belt = EVENING

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