When I went to collect Neve from nursery earlier today a member of staff told me they had discovered my blog and loved my Friday Feels. They said they enjoyed reading something so open and honest and that they could relate to the things I talk about.

It’s funny, because I was unsure if I was going to post a Friday Feels tonight. As much as writing them has become kind of therapeutic, I have to confess that sharing the inner thoughts of my mind has also made me feel over exposed and vulnerable of late. Does it make me look fragile and weak? Emotional and sensitive?

After having that conversation I’ve realised that maybe it just makes me look human. The one thing I’ve taken away from my breakdown is that we need to talk more about our feelings, which is why I started writing Friday Feels in the first place. How can I encourage people to talk about their feelings if I’m not prepared to talk about my own? In order to make change, sometimes you have to put yourself out there and allow yourself to be vulnerable.

The thing is, allowing yourself to be vulnerable is actually a sign of strength, not weakness. It takes courage to talk about your feelings, so rather than making us look weak, maybe it makes us look brave.

E x

Strong .001

Girl on beach 2.001

Brave thing indeed.001

Holidng hands b&W.001

What makes you .001

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