I’m meeting up with someone I met on social media tomorrow, which is something I never thought I’d hear myself say. I’d never been on social media until a year ago, but as I’ve said in a previous Friday Feels, in the last six months I’ve made genuine connections with some amazing women whom I may never have come into contact with otherwise.

So, is it possible to have a real friendship with these women outside of our daily chats on social media and can they become proper friendships? I believe the answer is yes. I think there is something special about long-distance (for want of a better word) friendships, as I believe you connect with people in a way that isn’t always possible in person. I think it can be easier to ‘write’ how you’re feeling, than it is to ‘say’ how you’re feeling and that in some way the physical distance allows you to be more open.

I realise social media can be manipulated, but the women I’ve had the greatest connections with have used it as a platform to keep it real and to show their authentic selves. I also think sometimes you just know when you’ve met a kindred spirit.

Here’s to the weekend and finding friendship in unexpected places.
E x


Unexpected friendships .001

Peace sign girls.001

Each friend.001


Best relationships.001

Girls on skate boards.001


Images: via Pinterest 


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