As a parent you know the day is going to come, when your child would prefer to spend time with their friends over you. As Neve is not quite five I thought that day was a long way off, but twice this week she has chosen to go to nursery rather than spend time with her mummy.

At first there were feelings of guilt, that maybe because Neve is an only-child she’s lonely being with adults all the time. Feelings that maybe I’m not attentive enough when I’m with her and she doesn’t enjoy spending time with me. Also feelings of sadness that I’m missing out on spending time with her… time that I wont get back. Then I realised that none of this is about me and that Neve is just at an age where the world is opening up to her – and she wants to experience it with her friends who are seeing it through the same eyes.

Even though the choice to bring them into the world is ours, our children are only on loan. It’s our job as parents to give them their wings, so they can fly the nest one day and make their own way in the world. So despite all those feelings I’ve had this week, I’ve also realised that I should be proud that I’m raising a confident, articulate and sociable little girl who is able to mix well and knows her own mind (all before she’s even five).

So here’s to the weekend and spending time growing our children’s wings.

E x


Little but fierce.001

Mum and daugher tattoo.001

Glitter in their veins .001

Wings shoes.001

It's not what you do.001

Images: via Pinterest 





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