So for the last few months we’ve all been willing summer to arrive, but as much as I’ve enjoyed the balmy evenings drinking Sangria in my back garden, I haven’t enjoyed choosing what to wear every day. This isn’t an isolated incident and is something that happens to me whenever we get hot weather in the UK.

It usually triggers off that life long desire for toned lean legs, which would mean I could throw on a knee length skirt or dress and be done with it. I’m a firm believer in working with what Mother Nature has given us though and I was given footballers knees, so I spend most of my time working out how I’m going to cover them up (at the same time as staying cool). My go to wardrobe staples of denim and leather aren’t really an option and as I’m not a maxi dress type of girl I have to work that bit harder when it comes to choosing what to wear.

Based on all your comments on my Instagram, it would seem I’m not the only one who has struggled. The thing with staying cool, is that it generally involves exposing some part of your body (whether that be legs, arms, shoulders or back) which is probably why it causes issues for many of us. It’s easy to cover up those bits we don’t like when we don’t have to worry about being hot, but how do you stay cool at the same time as feeling comfortable?

You do it by focussing on your best bits.* For all my hang ups about my legs, I’m lucky enough to be able to show off my arms and shoulders and I don’t have a big bust to work around either. For you it might be different, but whatever your body shape there are a few styles that are universally flattering for all of us that can help keep us cool this summer.


I’ve always loved a wide leg trouser, there’s something chic and stylish about them. From tailored trousers, kicked flare and culottes there is a wide leg trouser style for everyone.

Wide leg trousers.001


Again, a midi length skirt is chic and stylish, with pencil and a-line shapes suiting
all body types.

Midi skirt.001


Sandals with a medium to high heel de-emphasise hips and thighs (as do a chunky heel/sole) making us all look taller and slimmer. They are the perfect accompaniment to a wide leg trouser too.

Block heels.001

*Since writing this blog I have thrown caution to the wind and got my footballers knees out and do you know what, the world didn’t end. My body isn’t perfect and that’s ok. So as well as flattering our best bits, maybe we should put our body hang ups to one side and just enjoy the sunshine…..

Images: via Pinterest

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