What a difference a bit of sunshine makes. In fact, I’ve been so busy enjoying myself with Neve this week I’m writing this post at the very last minute. That’s the lovely thing about summer, all the rules and routines go out the window. Everything is a little more relaxed and that list of jobs get put on hold, all so you can have that extra few minutes in the sun together.

As someone that is a bit of a sucker for a routine, it’s a gentle reminder that it’s good to throw the rule book out the window every so often and to stop and enjoy the moment more. It’s in these moments we create memories to look back on and we should grab them with both hands.

So here’s to throwing the rule book out the window this weekend and making memories with the people you love.

E x

Sprinkler 2.001

These are the days.001

Ray of sunshine.001

The simple things.001

Mum and baba.001

Collect moments.001

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