“Create your own style…. let it be unique to yourself and yet identifiable to others.”
Anna Wintour

After posting a picture on Instagram of a recent purchase, a friend commented that she’d seen it in Topshop and instantly thought of me. She knew straight away that particular piece represented my personal style and it would be something I would buy. She also knows that I won’t wear it just as a dress and that I will style it in a way that makes it unique to me. There are certain friends of mine who I can say the same about, who’s sense of personal style is so strong I can instantly identify it with them.

So, what’s the secret? As someone who loves fashion, there’s nothing I like more than working my way through the monthly fashion magazines looking at the latest trends, but as a Personal Stylist I also understand that great style isn’t just about following trends alone. The women I find most stylish are the one’s who look current, but timeless at the same time. Women who’s style is really identifiable to them and yet always looks so effortless, which for me is what great style is.

Here are my top tips for developing your personal style:


Great personal style is about knowing which clothes suit your look and personality. It’s fine to look to other people for inspiration but just because you admire someones style doesn’t mean it will look the same on you. Stay true your personality and you’ll never feel (or look) like you’re wearing something that you’re not comfortable in.


Understanding your body shape is so important when choosing what to wear. Without that knowledge it doesn’t matter what you put on, you won’t look as well put together if you’re not flattering your best bits.


Great personal style isn’t just about what you wear, but how you wear it. You can give two people the same outfit but it’s how they put it together that will set them apart. The turn of a cuff, layering in an unexpected way or adding a simple accessory – it’s all in the detail.


The french are considered super stylish, yet in a way they are anti-fashion. They don’t buy into every new trend each season. They stick with classic wardrobe staples like a great pair of jeans (always with heels), a well cut jacket, a silk blouse, a cashmere jumper and black, lots of black. So why do they stand out so much? It’s all about the ‘attitude’ they wear their clothes with.


I personally think there’s room in your wardrobe for classic staples and a latest trend – fashion should be fun, you should enjoy the clothes you wear and they should make you look and feel like you can handle whatever life throws at you. In the words of Vera Wang, “A woman is never sexier than when she is comfortable in her own clothes.”


Image: via Pinterest

* This is a re-edited version of an article I originally wrote for Body Confidential which was published on 17/02/16

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