Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t mess with you – you don’t mess with me.’

Yohji Yamamoto

I wear a lot of black (in fact over 50% of my wardrobe is made up of black), so when I read this quote recently it got me thinking.

I’ve always loved black. Maybe it’s the contrast against my blonde hair or maybe it’s for all the reason’s Yohji mentions above. When I think about the times I turn to black it’s usually when I want to feel confident and in control, even on days when I don’t feel either (or especially on days when I don’t feel either). Wearing black makes me feel put together, elegant and edgy, current and timeless in a way no other colour does.

There’s a psychology to the colours we wear and some would say I’m wearing black to mask how I’m feeling (see above), which could be true. My other go to colour of red, which stimulates physical vitality, is one I turn to when I’m naturally feeling energised and confident. And my new favourite, yellow (which is all about personal power, self-confidence and focus) is another colour I’ve started wearing recently, which I think mirrors a shift in my personality as I get older.

As a stylist I’ve studied colour and I know that (officially) I shouldn’t wear black, as I’ve got a warm skin tone. There’s no denying I’ve got to work that bit harder to wear black now I’m older, but there are ways around it and I never wear it without adding a bright lip or some gold jewellery to warm things up. The thing you have to remember when wearing any colour, is that it’s the colour nearest to your face that reflects back up onto it, which is why black can be so unflattering for a lot of people and why wearing the right colours for your skin tone can instantly make you look healthier and younger.

The power of colour, both physical and mental is undeniable, but (at least for now) black will always be my favourite non-colour colour.

E x

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