This weeks Friday Feels sees me having just returned from my family holiday in Majorca. It has been one of the most enjoyable holidays I have had in a long time. A holiday of firsts – Sangria, Majorcan liqueurs and Rioja (which I realise are all alcohol related and make me sound like a lush) but for someone that hasn’t been well enough over the last few years to even consider enjoying a drink on holiday, it’s a sign of the place I’m at health-wise. A holiday of new friendships – meeting someone that was brought up in the village next to me as a child and who frequented the same places as me socially in our teenage years and who now lives down the road back home. And a lovely couple (who again live nearby us at home) and that share the same wedding anniversary, which we all celebrated together in Majorca. I love how the world is so big, yet so small and how you can make genuine connections with people who you’ve only just met.

And finally – watching Neve forms friendships, learn to swim without her armbands and grow and blossom into a confident little girl over these 10 short days. Not to mention spending quality time with John and generally realising how grateful I am for the love the three of us share for each other.

It’s a weekend of unpacking and washing for me, but I hope that whatever you are doing you’re able to find something to be grateful for.

Here’s to the weekend.

E x

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2 thoughts on “FRIDAY FEELS

  1. Aww loves your post. Also good to hear you’re doing better! I don’t know you but being from what you write it sounded like you had a really bad time with sickness. I liked your pics a lot, ita true, whatever happens to just enjoying summer ?


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