For some people, holiday packing can be a minefield, whilst others have it down to a fine art. Of course, what you need to pack depends on the destination and the type of holiday you’re going on. I’m confident enough to say I’m in the latter when it comes to my summer holiday packing, so I thought I’d share what’s in my summer holiday suitcase and why.


Holiday’s change once you have a small child and (for us at least) there’s no respite from those early starts. This means the days are long and the nights are short, so for me daywear is the largest part of my holiday wardrobe and where I put most thought into.

It’s mostly made up of kaftans/throw-on-dresses for ease, but also because I’m not one for getting my legs out. There’s one pair of denim shorts and a couple of lightweight tops for later in the holiday when I’ve got a tan (and I’m over the leg thing).

This is also where most of the print and colour comes from, which I talked about in my Holiday Wardrobe Alter Ego  blog. Though there are a couple of black pieces in there too, as I always think black looks great with a tan and just that little bit more expensive.



My bikini is the one item I spend most of my time in, so I like to wear a different one every day. I very rarely wear a matching bikini and like to buy separates I can mix and match. This means I can take less with me, but still create lots of different looks (because even I think it’s excessive owning 10 bikinis).



Accessories are another way I like to add a touch of style to my daywear. I usually go for some fine necklaces and bracelets which I can layer. I don’t like to wear anything that will get ruined, so I usually pick up some inexpensive one’s from H&M/Urban Outfitters. I also love a headscarf, which is a great alternative to a hat and always looks chic.


I’ll also take a handful of accessories for the evening as they are a great way to style up the same outfit twice, which brings me to evening wear.



My evening wear goes back to my usual palette of khaki, taupe and black. As I’ve said before I’m more of a separates girl, but my summer holiday is the one time I wear dresses. Again, it’s for ease and also with baggage allowances so strict these days we’ve all got to pack a bit smarter. My other go-to one piece is the jumpsuit and there’s a pair of wide-leg culottes with a couple of tops thrown in the mix too. I usually assume I’m going to wear each piece twice, which is where the accessories come in so I can style them up in a different way. The reality is my evenings now revolve around mini-disco for Neve, so I’m never too dressed up on this type of holiday. That said, I always like to have one special piece with me that I’ll wear for ‘mini-disco’ free evenings.



I always travel in my heaviest pair of shoes, which are my block heeled leather Steve Madden sandals. All my shoes are a nude/taupe colour, mostly because they go with everything but also because they elongate my legs and make them look slimmer. That said I’ve added these H&M rust colour flatforms this year, which will also work with my muted colour palette. As a rule I never wear completely flat shoes and even my day sandals have got a small espadrille heel. As a pear shape a block, wedge or flatform heel are perfect for balancing my proportions and generally make me look taller and slimmer.



Everyone knows I’m a lover of a bright lip, but even more so on holiday. A bright lip is the perfect way to compliment a tan and looks like you’ve made an effort on those nights when you can’t be bothered to do your eyes. So my three go-to lipsticks Mac Temper Tantrum Mac Saint Germain  and H&M Sakura will be in my suitcase. On the nights I do my eye make-up I like to wear a coloured mascara and love YSL False Lash Effect in Extreme Blue. As a blonde I don’t generally wear black mascara, so I’ll always take my YSL Baby Doll Violet and YSL Baby Doll Navy Blue.



My other summer make-up favourite is Chanel Les Beiges Healthy Glow which is somewhere between a tinted-moisturiser and a foundation, so it gives you a bit of coverage whilst also letting your natural tan shine through. I also use their Healthy Glow Sheer Powder which gives you a natural glow without looking like you have make up on.


So there you have it, the contents of my summer holiday suitcase. Next time you hear from me I’ll probably be by the pool or on the beach.

Until then, thanks for reading.

E x

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