With only two weeks until my holiday I’m on the count down to exposing my body in a bikini. Now we’ve all got our nemesis when it comes to our bodies and mine is my thighs. As a pear shape I’m lucky to have a slim waist, but every plus has a minus and this means I carry all my weight on my bum and thighs. My bum has never really bothered me and I’ve always quite liked having one (makes up for the fact I’ve got no bust), but the tops of my legs have been the bain of life from being a teenager. So from the age of 18 I’ve busted my balls in the gym to combat that and up until motherhood five years ago, it was pretty effective.

Things have changed since having my daughter and my four times weekly workouts are no more, plus I’m now on first name terms with being forty-something. All of which mean I’ve got to work a bit harder these days. As the saying goes ‘every little helps’ so for the last six weeks (along with some regular exercise) I have been doing this daily routine:

BODY BRUSHING – I spend a couple of minutes on each leg and buttock before I shower – this helps get the lymphatic system going and gets the toxins (all of which seem to congregate around my thighs) moving. I use the Sanctuary Hip and Thigh Massage brush as it has rubber nodules within the brush which are great for getting deeper into that stubborn cellulite. I’ll continue doing this every morning on holiday too, as it really does change the appearance of your skin when done regularly.

HOT/COLD WATER HYDROTHERAPY – I must need my head testing but I’m blasting my legs with hot, then cold water for two minutes on each leg (always finish on cold). As well as the detoxifying effects, it also contracts the skin pores and increases the tone and elasticity.

CELLULITE CREAM – when I get out the shower I massage in a layer of Clarins Body Lift Cellulite Control cream using upward strokes. Credit where credits due, this stuff works especially if you use it alongside body brushing. I’ve used it every summer for the last few years and really rate it for the money.

CARBS AND SUGAR – a few weeks before going away (around about now) I’ll try to reduce my carbs and sugar intake. The reality is I can’t give them up all together, but I’ll do my best to keep them to a minimum.

FAKE TAN – a bit of colour covers a multitude of sins, so good old St Tropez  will be at the ready a few days before I go away.

So as I’m four weeks into my routine you’re probably wondering if it’s working? I’m not going to be giving Gwyneth Paltrow a run for her money on the legs front any time soon, but I can definitely see a difference in the tone of my skin and an improvement in the cellulite on the backs of my legs.

I realise I should probably just embrace my body as it is (there really are more important things in life) but I’m not ready to give up just yet. I’m also a believer that it’s the little things that can make a big difference and anything you can do to boost your confidence is worth it’s weight in gold.

E x

Image: via Pinterest 

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