I realise we’re on the cusp of summer and I probably should be talking about off-the-shoulder tops and sandals, but after recently confessing to someone I owned eight leather jackets  I thought I would talk about why I love them so much. I have a thing for outerwear in general, but my love for a leather jacket is bordering on obsessive. In my defence they have been acquired over the last 10 years and they are all different (honest). There’s just something timeless and effortless about them – add one to a t-shirt and jeans and you’ve become all French and throw one over an evening dress and you are giving if your best Kate Moss impression. Plus with the weather being so fickle these days, they are the prefect trans-seasonal cover up.

Of course not all leather jackets are equal and a different style can create a different look, which brings me back to why I have eight of them (there’s a method in my madness). Also in my defence, several of them are eBay and sale purchases and with the big summer sales only around the corner in June, it’s a good time to start keeping an eye out for one’s you like. Savvy sale shopping pays dividends, especially for investment pieces that you’ll own forever, and especially if you have a thing for leather jackets…..

Here are four of my favourite leather jackets

I lusted after this longline Whistles jacket as soon as I saw it. I hesitated to buy it and was left disappointed when it quickly sold out. I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so about six months later I managed to track this one down on eBay. It had hardly been worn and I got it for less than half price. It’s perfect for wearing with skinny jeans and the mid-thigh length is great for those days when you want to cover up a bit.

This khaki green jacket is a recent purchase from Mango. I’ve wanted a coloured leather for a while and as I wear a lot of khaki this one was perfect. It’s a great alternative to black for spring/summer and as a blonde it’s softer on my complexion, for those days when I need a little extra help to look brighter.

This Muubaa fringed jacket is definitely a statement piece. It’s perfect for adding a bit of edge to a simple outfit and is a quick way to look like I’ve made an effort (even if I haven’t). I’ve customised it slightly as it had fringing across the back too, which I’ve removed. I’ve also had the sleeves shortened to show my wrists, which is something I’ve done on most of my leather jackets (or any other jackets where I can’t roll back the sleeves).

This All Saints jacket is one of my summer sale finds. Again, I’d had my eye on it for a while and bided my time to see if it would go into sale. I wear a lot of shirts and blouses, so the fact it’s collarless is perfect for wearing with any tops that have a detailed neckline.


Leather jackets.001Topshop distressed biker jacket | Sandro cropped leather jacket | Zara long leather jacket  | Gianni leather biker jacket

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